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Austin, USA


Edible Materials Lab brings public attention to the nature of materials that define our built environment by exploring resonant relationships between food and design. Through a series of interactive presentations, workshops, and exhibitions, the program demonstrates how material innovation intersects with food production. Co-curated with Jen Wong, the program features work by The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture students as well as a selection of artifacts from the Materials Lab collection. Edible Materials Lab was developed as a part of thinkEAST, a creative placemaking endeavor funded by ArtPlace America.


Student participants: Gisella Allen, Stephanie Betesh, Piper Cain, Diane Collins, Mary Kate Feldman, Toheed Khawaja, Amy McDonnold, David Mora, Laurel Morrow, Heather Sutherland, David Thompson, Benjamin Vela, Stephanie Vidal, Zach Walters, Amy Witte, Yingqian Zhuang (Advanced Design Studio, Spring 2015, Professor Siddiqui); Alvan Bidal-Sanchez, Jody Broccoli-Hickey, Yang Chen, Jamie Epley, Claire Fontaine, Biying Kong, Stancey Moore (UT Materials Lab staff led by Jen Wong)

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