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Fusebox Festival

Saengerrunde Hall

Austin, USA


RGB HUB serves as a main social hub for a citywide performing arts festival. Sited in the historic Saengerrunde Hall, the intent was to transform the building’s various spaces – including the bowling alley, the rooftop, and the main dance hall – into an immersive environment using a combination of lighting, graphics, and temporary architecture. The project is inspired by the principles of the Red Green Blue (RGB) color model and its ability to create Cyan Magenta Yellow (CMY) shadows or selectively hide printed CMY color. Various applications of the resulting effects bring experiential and conceptual continuity to the sequence of otherwise disjointed spaces, with the ceiling installation – a catenary soft structure – in the performance hall as the project’s main feature.


Project collaborator: Materials Lab, The University of Texas at Austin; Jen Wong, Director


Lighting consultant: Sadie Langenkamp


Project assistants: Alex Dallas and Zach Walters (design); Kara Holekamp, Aarti Khatter, Stancey Moore, Ariel Padilla, Megan Recher, Corey and Kristin Rothermel, Luca Senise, Heather Sutherland (research and fabrication)  

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