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Mebane Gallery, UTSOA

Austin, USA


Constructed from silver Tyvek fabric and multi-color cotton thread, the curtain-like installation features over 300 uniquely shaped floral forms, generated through a digital script and hand-cut.  Each form is visible as both a cutout in the textile and as an applique stitched onto the silver surface with colored thread. The array of 22 colors of thread references the individuals that fabricated the installation. The resulting floor-to-ceiling fringe – cascading across the textile’s surface - is a colorful representation of the community that participated in the making of Millefleur.


Project assistant: Claire Edelen


Participants: Michelle Cantu, Ashly Chilayil, John Cunningham, Grace Dixon, Tess English, Jovita Ezeokafur, Juan Hernandez, Mary Hohlt, Alexandra Krippner, Grace Mathieson, Preshant Narayan, April Ng, Ariel Padilla, Mitchell Peterson, Ellen Sampson, Sarah Stanick, Alison Steele, Luke Stevenson, Yee-Sang Wong, Jennifer Wong

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